JioFiber Postpaid Terms and Conditions

1) What is the JioFiber Postpaid Offer?

JioFiber Postpaid offer is a Paid advance rent plan that provides

  • ZERO UPFRONT ENTRY COST – NO SECURITY DEPOSIT, NO INSTALLATION CHARGES (Rs 1,500 cost of ONT security deposit and installation waived off on 3,6 and 12 month plans)
  • ALWAYS-ON SERVICE – NEVER RUN OUT OF A RECHARGE PLAN (With postpaid you will stay always connected, even after your bill date)

2) What are the key benefits of JioFiber Postpaid Offer?


  • Zero upfront entry cost (no security deposit for Internet Box and No Installation charges), amounting to upfront saving of Rs 1,500


  • Plans starting at Rs 399 per month – lowest in the industry
  • Aggressive 3,6 and 12 month plan options
  • Symmetric plans (download speed = upload speed) – first in the industry


  • 4K Set Top Box at no extra cost.
  • Up to 16 paid OTT Apps on Rs 999 and above plan (all leading OTTs included including regional apps such as SunNxt, HoiChoi, etc.)


  • Stay connected 24*7*365 without any service disruptions
  • Highest quality service with 99.9% uptime

3) What is the applicable security deposit in the JioFiber Postpaid Plans?

JioFiber 3M,6M and 12M advance payment plans come without any SD for ONT (internet box), Set-Top Box and installation charge.

4) Can I take the internet-only plan to start with and later take the STB?

Yes, you can. But it is advisable to take the STB-bundled first recharge, so you have all the content from Day 1. Also, you will not need to do any bill plan change and you can continue to use all data, voice and content services hassle-free from Day 1.

5) What are the digital subscription services available in new JioFiber plans?

JioFiber plans are bundled with subscription to top 16 PAID OTT Apps. A JioFiber user will need a Jio Set Top Box to access these OTT Apps. Please refer to plan details to understand OTT access provided with different plans:
The 16 OTT apps available to JioFiber Postpaid plan users are:
1. Netflix
2. Amazon Prime Video
3. Disney+ Hotstar
5. ZEE5
7. VOOT Select & VOOT KIDS
10. Universal +

6) What happens after 3 Months / 6 Months / 12 Months?

Users will be put onto the monthly plan for the selected value. Example, if a user is on a 6month plan of Rs 999, they will continue to be on Rs 999 monthly plan and get monthly bills against their Postpaid Fiber service.

7) If I do bill plan change, what additional payments will be required?

You can change your Bill plan from the available options in & MyJio while doing a Bill plan change you can opt one of the below options.

  • 1 month advance payment
  • 3 month advance payment
  • 6 month advance payment
  • 12 month advance payment

You will have to make an advance payment of the selected options for bill plan change. The bill plan change shall be effective at midnight of the requested date.

8) What amount will I have to pay at the end of the bill cycle, if I change plan in the middle of the bill cycle?

Charging will be basis your current bill plan and new bill plan selected by you. You will be charged on pro-rated basis as per current bill plan till the date of change of bill plan and as per new plan basis for remaining period of bill cycle.

In case of any previous advance payment available in your account it will be adjusted in subsequent bills and net amount shall be payable.

9) What are the bill cycles for JioFiber Postpaid?

There are 3 bill cycles for JioFiber Post-paid plans 1st, 11th & 21st of the month. Bill Cycle is auto allocated depending on the day of activation of your JioFiber connection

10) How do I get JioFiber postpaid bills?

You can download Jiofiber postpaid bill from MyJio App on monthly basis after the Bill Cycle. Go to MyJio App- Home Page – Click on “Fiber” – Click on 3 lines on left topmost corner -Select “Bill & Statement” – Select Bill Cycle from dropdown for which bill is to be downloaded

11) Can I change from JioFiber Postpaid to JioFiber Prepaid?

No, currently migration from Postpaid to Prepaid is not available. You will be notified as soon as this feature is made available.

12) How the balance refund amount (if any) will be calculated after JioFiber Cancellation?

Refund amount will be calculated based on number of days remaining for advance rental expiry. Balance refund, if any, will be processed post successful device submission.

13) How can I make the payment of my postpaid JioFiber connection?

You can make payment of your billed outstanding through MyJio App or through Net banking, UPI, Credit and Debit cards.

14) How can I check my JioFiber Postpaid Usage?

You can download Jiofiber postpaid bill from MyJio on monthly basis after the bill cycle. Go to MyJio – Home Page – Click on “Fiber” – Click on 3 lines on left topmost corner -Select “Bill & Statement” – Select Bill Cycle from dropdown for which Data Usage to be checked

15) What is my JioFiber Postpaid bill cycle and can I change it?

There are 3 bill cycles for JioFiber Post-paid plans 1st, 11th & 21st of the month. Bill Cycle is auto allocated depending on the day of activation of your JioFiber connection. You can check the Bill cycle date by logging into MyJio app / The option to change the pre assigned Bill Cycle Date is not available.

16) I opted for newly launched JioFiber Postpaid plan in the mid of the Bill Cycle. How much data will I get?

Plan Entitlements (including Data) are assigned on Prorated basis for the first Bill Cycle. From the next Bill Cycle onwards, you will get the benefits for the complete bill cycle.

17) When is the JioFiber bill generated for my JioFiber service and when is the due date for payment?

Bill is generated on the last day of your billing cycle. You have 9 days from bill generation date to pay your bill.

18) How much late fee will be charged if I am unable to pay my JioFiber Postpaid bill by the due date?

Late fee of Rs. 100 or 2% of total outstanding, whichever is higher, will be charged in your next bill if you are unable to make the payment by due date.

19) How can I make the payment for my JioFiber Postpaid connection if it is barred or Suspended?

Jio provides you with various options to pay your bills using MyJio App or through Net banking, UPI, Credit and Debit cards.

20) What are the benefits of enrolling for JioFiber Postpaid Auto pay functionality?

JioAutoPay are an automated bill payment instruction given by a customer to Jio. You can register for JioAutoPay via MyJio app / by using bank account number and authenticating via net banking or debit card.

Following are the benefits of opting for AutoPay:

  1. Ensures payment due to Jio is carried out automatically every month
  2. On-time 100% digital auto payment and avoid late payment fees
  3. Uninterrupted services
  4. Customer does not have to remember the due date, to pay the due amount as payment deduction is automated

21) How to understand my first JioFiber Postpaid Bill?

To make it easier for you to understand your first JioFiber Post-paid Bill, here is a step by step guide. To view, Click here