|| ॐ श्री गणेशाय नमः ||

आयुष्मती आस्था

सुपौत्री: लखी देवी – स्मृतिशेष कौलेश्वर प्रसाद
सुपुत्री: श्रीमती प्रियंका देवी – श्री शंभु कुमार
न्यू रोड, लोहरदगा (झारखण्ड)

Meet Aastha, a brilliant individual, completed her graduation from Bit Meshra, Ranchi, and went on to pursue her master’s degree at Jamia Hamdard, Delhi. Currently, she holds the role of an Analytical Scientist at Dr. Reddy’s Lab in Hyderabad.

आयुष्मान् अभिजीत

सुपौत्र: स्मृतिशेष सावित्री देवी – स्मृतिशेष रामवृक्ष लाल
सुपुत्र: श्रीमती अंजू देवी – श्री जितेन्द्र प्रसाद
बसार बाड़ी, लोहरदगा (झारखण्ड)

Abhijeet, a dynamic individual, holds a graduation degree from Techno India Salt Lake, Kolkata. Currently, he serves as an Associate at Cognizant in Kolkata. In addition to his professional role, he is the Founder and CEO of Tech Guide and Notereview YouTube Channels.

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